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Little Bugs Class- Babies to 18 months

We have a separate sleep and play room. A specific cot is allocated to your baby for naptimes. When a little one starts in this class, the baby’s routine will be followed, but gradually change to the general routine of the class.  The routine is not cast in stone and will be adjusted if for instance the little one is ill. Stimulation will be done according to the milestones of each baby.  Creative activities will also take place on individual basis.  Daily written feedback will be provided with regards to naps, milk feeds, meals and nappy changes.  Remarks with regard to stimulation will also be noted.

Teddy Bear Class-18 months to 3 years

The main aim of this class is potty training.  Readiness for potty training will be assessed and commence in consultation with parents. Daily written feedback will be provided with regard to toilet routine, stimulation, naps and meals. Story reading, poems, songs, shapes, colours and counting is part of every day.  The routine activities are complimented by creative activities about a weekly theme. Ample of outside play is allowed as we believe that children learn through play. In this class, toddles will learn to share, play together and it is the start of long friendships!


The Jungle Class- 3 years turning 4

This class is a balance between playing and getting use to formal education routines. Fine motor skills (writing, cutting with scissors, painting etc) receives a lot of attention. Sharing with friends, communication and conflict management forms part of this class. Utilising of words and understanding thereof is important. This includes verbalisation of emotions. Our playground will stimulate development of important muscle groups. One of the goals in our class is to foster independence with regard to: hygiene, dressing, eating, using of art equipment. Focus on development of different characteristics like determination, honesty, braveness, contentment, kindness, gentleness, respect, and self-control. Learning to complete a task with limited assistance is important.

Busy Bee Class- 4 Years turning 5

This is an important year in preparation for the big school.  In this class, the academic year is more formal with more continuous evaluations than in previous years. As children from our school, will attend different primary schools in the future, we need specific information with regards to the requirements of the school that your child is going to attend. One of the key milestones in the Busy Bee Class is writing own name.  What a big achievement! Development of core muscles (important for writing, mathematics etc.) will be part of play on our playground. Focusing on phonics,  alphabet and numeracy. Improving mathematical understanding. Help them to explore new concepts. Problem solving. To be able to vocalise themselves with confidence. Helping children to follow a set routine so that they know what is expected of them. To be able to understand and complete the given task with limited or no assistance. Show respect to self and others.



Outside play area



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